Cruising, without losing life or limb!

To do: 1. Watch video first 2. Click on button to open another window with the Boat Safety Audit (make sure to save this PDF to your computer), and 3. Scroll down to the bottom to watch the next video (if interested). 
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Get Everything You Need To Execute The Boat Safety Blueprint In ONLY 1 WEEK!

The Boat Safety Course & Manual, when executed correctly, will easily guide and empower you to prevent disasters.

FREE Safety Audit

Use our 3-page Safety Audit to determine what you have, what you need, where it's located, and what needs servicing. This will enable you to understand your safety equipment universe so that you know where all your life-supporting tools are located and that they will work when you need them. 

Equipment Knowledge

Gain instant access to 13 equipment how-to videos and 30 pages of user instructions so that you, and all your passengers, can quickly reference user instructions and associated procedures. 

Safety Procedures

Through our 10 how-to videos and 20 pages of step-by-step checklists, easily and quickly understand the procedures required to combat common boat issues like loss of steering, taking on water, engine failure, man overboard, grounding, collision, fire...so that you know exactly what steps to take!

Boat Rules

Watch our boat policies video to determine what boat rules of ours to take on and add some of on your own. Then, customize them in your boat safety manual to drastically reduce the likelihood of common boat accidents, illness, and injuries.

Safety Checklists

Use our six proven preventative safety checklists (and easily customize them to better suit your exact needs) so you can hit the ground running knowing exactly what to check so you can be organized, quicker, more efficiently, delegate, save lives, spot issues before they become disasters, and continually improve.

Boat Safety Manual

Instantly have available a 70+ page Boat Safety Manual ready for you to customize for your own boat so that EVERYONE on the boat has access to EVERYTHING they need to know to create and maintain a safe boating environment.

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